Home Care: Helping Nursing Homes and Hospitals

Home Care has a pivotal role to play in supporting the work of nursing homes and hospitals, particularly in crisis and emergency situations. Staff working with home care can dovetail their work with that of other organizations and can flex to adapt to rising challenges and scenarios. Here are just a few examples where home care has a part to play in caring for people.

Providing Care in the Home

It is often said that the best bed is the one in your own home. Home care is able to support people to remain in their homes by providing a range of tasks. This includes personal hygiene such as washing, support with meals, and basic cleaning of the home. Staff can flex their approach to stand down or step up the level of care as the person needs it.

Keeping People with Long Term Conditions Safe

People with a long term condition such as diabetes or asthma are at high risk of contracting an infection such as COVID 19 or being admitted to hospital. For some people, a change in outside temperature puts them at risk of developing problems with their condition and risks a hospital admission. Home care can support this group of people in their homes by helping with shopping, personal care, and other activities.

Supporting People in Social isolation

Some people at risk of contracting an infection are in social isolation. This includes people with weak immune systems as well as the frail elderly. Home care can support this group of people by helping with cooking, shopping, personal care and more. A friendly smile and chat also makes a big difference to people living alone, which is all part of the service with home care.

Facilitating Early Discharge Home from Hospital

Discharging people from hospital safely at an earlier stage is a major area where home care can support both nursing homes and hospitals. This is particularly important in situations where beds are in high demand such as the COVID 19 pandemic, and where staying in hospital presents a higher risk to the patient. Home care works seamlessly with hospitals to enable early discharge and provide a package of care for the client. This includes support with getting in and out of bed, personal care, cooking and more.

Home care works in an integrated way with hospitals and nursing homes to be a part of the pathway for people to recover in their own homes.

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