Care for Loved Ones with Dementia

More than 5 million people are living with dementia in the USA. This number is set to rise as the population ages. Dementia will at some time touch most families and bring a responsibility to careers. Caring for people with dementia is rewarding but it can be exhausting too. Here’s how to care for someone with dementia effectively.

Recognize You are Not Alone

Caring for a loved one with dementia is a 24 hour job if they live with you. Getting them involved in daily activities is great as this keeps your loved one active and occupied with something. It also makes them feel useful. They most likely need help with personal care and reminding about things. Family members are ideal to get involved as they can do small things that make a difference. Caring for someone 24/7 is exhausting. The difference between you as a career and a professional career is that you are exposed to this pressure continually. A professional career works a shift and steps away when they go off duty.

Accept Help

When you are caring for someone with dementia you can feel helpless, and stressed. It is very common for careers to see an impact on their physical and mental health and also become more socially isolated as a consequence of caring for someone with dementia. If you are offered help, think about how you could use it. It can be small things such as sitting with your loved one while you get the shopping or support with housework. It is also important that you look after yourself by getting enough sleep, going to the doctor when you need to, and eating a nourishing diet. This is where professional careers can work with you to provide home health care. They support you with as much or as little as you need so you share the workload but still have your loved one close.

Sharing Care

Lots of people want to continue caring for their loved one and don’t want to be separated if a partner gets dementia. Home health care works by assessing the level of care needed and coming to your home to support you. They can do housework, personal care, cooking, and have training in caring for people with dementia as well as senior care. You can continue to provide care but you’ll have that additional support. The amount of care can be stepped up or down, depending on need and is a positive way of making sure a loved one gets the best. If you or a family member is caring for a loved one with dementia they may benefit from home health care. Take the first step by contacting home health care today and discover the support that will help loved ones stay together.

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