How to Prevent Falls

It is surprisingly easy to fall over in the home. Tripping over things or slipping are common. in an older person this can lead to a lack of independence overnight. Falls are also simple to prevent with some adaptations in and around the house.

Use Appropriate Footwear

One of the biggest causes of falls in the home are people wearing ill fitting shoes or slippers. Forget the glamorous heeled mules and go for a slipper or shoe that fits well, supporting the foot. Make sure there is a good grip on the sole and the slipper or shoe is in good condition with no loose heels or soles. This will help avoid a fall.

Clear the Clutter

Items left lying around the home can lead to falls.Papers on the floor are easy to slip on, items piled onto surfaces can slide off, leading to trip hazards. Things left on a step are also hazardous, leading to falls. You need to keep your home clear of clutter and tidy to avoid these hazards.If this is becoming difficult or is overwhelming to you, there is support to help you stay independent.Home care support can do light housekeeping including keeping your home tidy so you can remain in your own home.

Check Your Mats and Carpets

Loose mats and frayed carpets are a trip hazard in the home. Rugs on polished floors are dangerous. Mats and old carpets can fray, ruck up and cause a tripping danger in the home. Check your home for potential dangers and get them removed or replaced. Non slip floor tiles are effective in kitchen and bathroom areas. Floors also need to be clutter free.

Get a Grip

Grip rails are a practical way of providing support to you in your home and will help prevent a fall. If they are placed in high risk areas such as near an exterior door, or the shower, and close to steps they will give some secure support when moving around in awkward places. Always get a professional to fit these appliances so they are installed securely. Staying independent is important to most seniors so avoiding a fall is crucial. Making adjustments in the home and considering some support from home care professionals is an effective way of preventing a fall in the home. Call The Senior Company today to ask about their services.

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