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People look for a number of things when they check out the job market. The pay, location and vacation arrangements are important but so is that sense of job satisfaction and helping others. There are other things to check out when choosing a new employer which will have a big impact on your working day. Here’s why teamwork, culture and engagement are a vital part of a job hunt.

Positive Culture

The culture of a company makes a big difference to those who work there but also to its clients. Positive cultures are those where there are shared values, staff feel appreciated, and are empowered to do their jobs well. The research supports this too, demonstrating that where there is a positive workplace culture the patients and clients have better outcomes and recover faster. The Senior Company is a great example where caregivers are proud of where they work and consistently give their best.


Working with seniors and people with long term conditions is very rewarding as a caregiver. A strong ethos of teamwork is also vital. When staff in an organization have a sense of belonging to a great team they will give their best when delivering care. Teams like this support each other too, which is positive for health and emotional well-being at work. The Senior Company has developed a strong team culture where caregivers work together and support each other. They believe that if you take care of employees they will take care of the clients. This, of course results in high quality care and a sense of pride in the high standards of support to older people.


Having a shared set of values is vital for a company, particularly when the workforce is caring for vulnerable people. The Senior Company has a strong incentive program for staff as well as benefits. Their one core belief is to take care of their employees as this positively impacts clients. In fact the company was recently voted Employer of Choice by Home Care Pulse. It is little wonder the staff at The Senior Company are so proud of where they work. There are lots of companies looking for care workers and nurses right now. Making sure you have an employer that values you and wants you to give your best is essential when looking for a new job. In that way, when you are valued in the workplace you will give your best to the clients.

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The culture and values of a company are often overlooked but are a vital part of finding the right place to work. If you are a caregiver, check out how the Senior Company values and appreciates its employees.

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